In Loving Memory of
"My Little Princess" Diamond Natasha
November 21,1988 -
August 23, 2001

How many times in the night do I cry...
Thinking about your love and the look in your eyes?

The good Lord decided to take you from me...
But I feel empty, lost, alone, don't you see?

Although I know you're cradled in His arms
And sleep sweetly with the angels; protected from harm...

Just to one last time hold you in my arms tight
And tell you that I love you and kiss you so light

How I miss you my Princess...

Your hand pressed tightly into mine
Your precious little face and smile that shines
Your voice soft and sweet
A pleasure always to all you would meet
The happiness and joy in your laughter abound
Like music to my ears; a beautiful sound
Shared adventures of stories that you have been reading
The excitement of all your life's dreams seeding

Your room sits lonely awaiting your return
As though any moment the silence will be adjourned
You'll burst in full of life and events
With a stack of books that you've just rent...

If I open my eyes I'll discover it's just a dream...
That's the way it must be; that's the way it seems

There isn't a way to tell you goodbye
Let go of you and not mournfully cry

I can feel your touch from heaven above
Reach down to me with all your love
You hear my tears and prayers...nightmares
But you comfort me for a change...with absolutely no fears

I know you're with me I feel you in my soul
You're the very part of me I will never let go

I've got you in my heart little one
Where I'll hold you forever and then some
I pray every moment to be with you someday
I know that you're feeling the exact same way

I love you one, I love you two, I love you three, I love you four
My little Princess, I love you forevermore


Mariah and Natasha
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Whom is Teaching Whom???
Lucas, Mariah, Natasha, Mom January 2001
A crash at 25mph, for some reason the seatbelts were not used on this ride.

For Natasha's story and that tragic day, Click Here:
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