In Loving Memory of
Julie A. Duncan
February 27,1969 - March 13, 2001
Cry no tears for me, for the wings of faith and hope and love have brought me to a land where sunsets are forever, and the days never end.

Where no good thing, thought, feeling or dream is wasted.

Where hurt and sorrow are but a memory, and love reigns supreme.

Where every moment we touch the face of God.

Be not afraid; For I am not gone, but only flying beyond where
the eyes can see. I will come to you on the wings of dreams and
memory and in days of sadness, allow the good we shared to be the "Wind beneath your wings".

Be not afraid; To use those wings for this life is a gift to be used well,
trees to climb, challenges to meet, fish to catch, jokes to tell,
and most important - love to give and share,

When your wings are strong enough - I'll meet you in the sky,
and we'll ride the high winds of our Saviour's love
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Mom, I helped a man write this for you and for all moms who have lost theirs too soon.
Dana, Dad, and Julie