In Loving Memory
Diamond Natasha

A Diamond in Heaven

Mom and dad had three of us, they love us all the same,
I was the last born to them, Diamond Natasha is my name!

Like a flower I grew, by the nurturing from the four of them,
True to the name given me, I feel like a precious gem.

Daddy showed me how to be big and strong, in my time of need,
He encouraged my interests always, even when I liked to read.

Lucas is as good a brother, that any girl can ever want,
He showed how much he cares, even when he would taunt.

Mariah as a big sister, is absolutely the best of best,
Even though on some days, I could be a little pest.

My momma called me her "Little Princess" , each and every day,
She shows how much she loves us all, in a very special way.

The last day on Earth for me, I'll remember with great pride,
I had a fun and busy day, then big sister took me for a ride.

Mariah was going away to college, and was as happy as could be,
She wanted to share her excitement, and decided to do so with me!

Then all of a sudden, I saw a wonderous sight,
It looked like an Angel, surrounded by a Heavenly light!

She told me I had to leave the Earth, although I was so young,
A special bell with my name, in Heaven had been rung.

As I went through the Pearly Gates, a Jessica was my guide,
She held my hand and comforted me, as my family cried.

We have become the best of friends, and share a common look,
When all is done for the day, we sit and read a book!

This Christmas was a sad one, as I missed you one and all,
But I did sing with a Angelic choir, in a Heavenly hall.

Mom we used to count and say, one, two, three, four,
But as much as you love me, I love you even more!

Now tell all that know me, to look in the sky at night,
There is a Diamond in Heaven, burning so very bright!

I visit you all daily, and give your heartstrings a tug,
And if you softly say my name, you'll feel an Angel hug.

                                                                 - Dan Bryl

Jessica Lyn Bryl
Diamond Natasha Demianycz