We Will Always Remember
A Hurt So Deep
Two towers that represented our red, white, and blue,
Two symbols no longer a part of a beautiful view.

Lady Liberty still stands with tears on her cheek,
Wishing she had a voice so that she could speak.

She would cry out with the pain that all of us feel,
Knowing that this tragedy is all so horribly real!

She would whisper the names of all those that have died,
While holding her head up with a stubborn, great pride.

For she knows that the terrorists are now being sought,
Punishment will be given for the havoc they brought.

Innocent people that left home for work that day,
Not aware of the price that they were to pay.

Sons, daughters, mothers, dads, people of all races,
Many from New York, but also many other places.

A shock to the Free World, a hurt that is so deep,
Even the toughest, stop, think, then they too weep!

May God guide those in what is done to respond,
Dear Lord help us tomorrow and all that's beyond!
-Dan Bryl
Photo by Dan Bryl
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